How the Status Quo Effects a Utah Divorce

So you are thinking about separating. Maybe things are so bad between you and your soon to be ex that you just can’t take it anymore and are moving out. Before you make that choice you should fully understand that if you leave the home, and the children behind, you are establishing a new status[…]

What to Know About Social Media and Your Divorce

It is really as simple as this, in today’s world, you should expect anything you post online could potentially be used against you in a pending divorce or custody proceeding. This seems pretty straight forward yet we still get many clients on both sides of a divorce who fail to appreciate the role their social media[…]

Donald Sterling’s Divorce Means Uncertain Future for Clippers

You’ve all seen the trending topic of Donald Sterling’s comments made to his mistress and recorded by her.  His comments have landed him in some serious hot ham water. The NBA has levied some serious sanctions against him and are even trying to force him to sell the LA Clippers, the basketball team he has[…]

How does a Spouse’s Disability Affect Support Payments?

Disability Can Lead to Divorce A spouse’s physical or mental disability can seriously affect a marriage.  Many marriages end in divorce because of the strain and stress put on a marriage by the disability.  In such situations the disabled spouse naturally wonders how he will make ends meet.  On the other hand, the spouse who[…]

Utah Changes When A Parent Must Take the Divorce Orientation Class

Utah Code § 30-3-11.4 has governed when a parent must take the divorce orientation course for some time. Specifically, it requires the petitioner in a divorce action to take the divorce orientation course without 60 days of filing the divorce petition, and it requires the respondent to take the class within 30 days of filing[…]

Can A Temporary Custody Order Influence a Permanent Custody Order?

Temporary Custody Orders Are Entered with Little Information A lot of people have the misconception when going into a divorce case that a temporary order awarding one spouse sole custody of the children will ultimately result in the same ruling as a permanent custody order.  People should not jump to this conclusion because it is[…]