October 8, 2010

Utah Mandatory Divorce Mediation

Mediation is Required in Divorce Cases

Most divorces settle without going to trial, which is why all divorces must proceed to mediation.  The chances of settling a divorce dispute in mediation is very high.  Thus, mediation is not something that should be looked upon as another useless requirement imposed by the government.  When two people are able to sit down with their attorneys and with an impartial third party mediator it is amazing what two people who seem to be adverse to one another on nearly every topic are able to accomplish.

In mediation the parties are able to find common ground and set aside many of their differences.  Even with extremely sensitive subjects like child custody and property division mediation will allow the parties to view the issues with a more objective eye and realize that persistent fighting over the issues may actually work to their detriment.

Mediation Can Resolve the Dispute

Mediation is also a means to save everyone time and money.  Attorneys are expensive and the longer an attorney works on your divorce action the more you are going to pay the attorney.  At Utah Divorce Hotline we try to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, but ultimately how much you pay an attorney is up to you and your spouse.

Mediation provides a way for couples to resolve their differences without having to force a judge to resolve the issues for them.  Further, as mediation generally occurs relatively early on in a case, a successful mediation is going to save the parties a lot of money in the long run in attorney’s fees and costs.  Using your best efforts while at the mediation, therefore, will work to your advantage.

Mediators and Lawyers

The law firm of Utah Divorce Hotline has experienced divorce lawyers and mediators.  Thus, having one of our attorneys who is also a mediator represent you is a definite advantage for you.  Call us anytime to learn more about the family law services we provide.  801.618.1331 or email.