October 8, 2010

Utah Divorce Litigation

What is litigation?

Litigation, very simply, is the process of resolving disputes through the courts.  There are at least two opposing parties in any litigation and the court acts as the arbiter of the parties’ disputes.  In a Utah divorce action the litigating parties are the petitioner and the respondent, the respective spouses to the marriage.

How Does Litigation Move Forward?

Divorce litigation in Utah commences with the filing of a petition.  Once the petition is filed the other spouse has the opportunity to file a response.  The petition and response is called the pleadings stage of the litigation.  Once the pleadings stage has finished the parties move into what is known as the discovery stage.  It is in the discovery stage that your family law attorney at Utah Divorce Hotline will likely do the most work.  The discovery stage is simply the process by which the attorneys gather all of the information concerning your case.  All of the facts that both help and harm your cause will be collected.  This stage facilitates the settlement process and prepares the parties for trial.

The litigation process will move at a scheduled pace as the parties are required to agree on dates certain for finishing the gathering of evidence.

In addition to the discovery phase of the litigation there may be various motions brought by your attorney to help protect your interests.  You spouse’s lawyer may also bring motions to which you will have to respond.

Utah Divorce Hotline – Experienced Divorce Litigators

The lawyers at the law firm of Utah Divorce Hotline have years of experience as courtroom attorneys.  Litigation is what we do.  It is extremely important that you have an attorney in the courtroom with you who understands judges and opposing counsel.  With Utah Divorce Hotline by your side you will have an experienced and knowledgeable courtroom attorney who is not only comfortable in the courtroom but loves to be there.

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