October 8, 2010

The Utah Divorce Process

Let Us Guide You Through the Process

What does the Divorce Process Entail in Utah?

A lot of people wonder what to expect in the divorce process in Utah.  Many fear that the system is flawed and their interests will not be adequately protected.  There are certainly no guarantees anytime you involve the courts but with Utah Divorce Hotline on your side you will be able to enter the process with confidence that your legal rights are well protected.

The divorce process in Utah consists of several phases.  In each phase it will be a great advantage to have family law attorneys at your side.  Although the legal process can be somewhat complex at times, when you are represented you need not worry about those complexities with an experienced divorce lawyer at your side.

The Phases of the Utah Divorce Process

The different stages of the divorce process in Utah consists of the following:

  • Filing the Divorce Petition – the first document filed with the court to start the divorce proceedings.
  • Filing and arguing motions for temporary orders – these are orders which determine temporary custody issues and property division.
  • Litigation – the most time intensive portion of the process.  It includes fact gathering and preparation for trial.
  • Participating in mandatory mediation and potential settlement negotiations – most cases will end here once the parties and their attorneys have a chance to hammer out a good settlement agreement.
  • Going through the trial process – this includes presentation of your case to judge and/or jury.
  • Appeals (if any) – if the judge erred in any way the remedy is to file an appeal.

Each phase has its specific rules and procedures that must be followed.  Utah Divorce Hotline’s attorneys are experienced in all stages of the divorce process and will provide you with excellent legal services all along the way.

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