October 8, 2010

Utah Alimony | Spousal Support Calculator

Utah Law Regarding Spousal Support (Alimony)

Are you looking for a Utah alimony or spousal support calulator? We can help. Utah alimony laws provide courts with discretion to grant spousal support or alimony at the request of either party to a divorce.  Spousal support may be granted as temporary, pending trial, or may be granted after resolution of the divorce as short-term or long-term alimony.  Short-term alimony is generally to cover just a short adjustment period, while long-term support is usually permanent.  In considering whether or not to grant spousal support, courts are to consider several factors outlined by the law.  Those factors include:

  • the financial condition and needs of the recipient spouse;
  • the recipient’s earning capacity or ability to produce income;
  • the ability of the payor spouse to provide support;
  • the length of the marriage;
  • whether the recipient spouse has custody of minor children requiring support;
  • whether the recipient spouse worked in a business owned or operated by the payor spouse; and
  • whether the recipient spouse directly contributed to any increase in the payor spouse’s skill by paying for education received by the payor spouse or allowing the payor spouse to attend school during the marriage.

Courts can also weigh the fault of the parties leading to the divorce when determining alimony and should generally look to the standard of living at the time of the divorce to determine the amount.

Requesting, Modifying, or Enforcing  Alimony

Generally, alimony will not be given for a period of time longer than the number of years that the marriage existed.  Alimony can be ordered to be paid along with a child support payment in a lump sum.  The court that grants alimony retains jurisdiction to make any changes in the alimony, but will likely do so only in the case of an unforeseen substantial change in circumstances.  In most cases, an order to pay alimony terminates if the recipient remarries or moves in with someone.

Spousal support in Utah is highly rule based, but as you can see, remains discretionary.  At Utah Divorce Hotline you will Utah Alimony Lawyers who have a firm grasp on these rules and are prepared to zealously represent you before the court.  Don’t miss the opportunity to protect resources or compensation to which you are entitled.

Utah Attorneys who Can Help

Utah Divorce Hotline is a firm that focuses on the practice of family law here in Utah.  Our attorneys have vast experience working with individuals going through a separation and are specifically prepared to help you with alimony issues.  For a free consultation call Utah Divorce Hotline at 801.618.1331.