October 8, 2010

Utah Marital Contracts Lawyer

Special Contracts in Utah Marriages

A special contract in a marriage might be defined as any agreement laid out by two separate parties that define the parameters, scope and understanding of a future or known contract that will or has already been entered into.  A special contract may also modify, change or be in addition to a prior contract.  For purposes relating to Utah Family Law, a special contract may be one of the following types of documents:  Premarital Agreements, also known as Prenuptial Agreements, Postmarital Agreements or Postnuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements and Gestational Agreements.

Marriage itself is often referred to as an agreement between the spouses.  The general assumption is that they will live together and share their incomes and belongings and may become a single unit for purposes such as taxes or others.  Spouses are often joint property owners and usually share the joint custody of their children.  Especially in matters of divorce the court tends to follow a basic rule of splitting the marriage and its property and assets, children etc. down the middle or 50/50 for each spouse.

These special contracts may define the marriage in ways that are not generally followed or considered by the court in such circumstances.  They often set out the terms of a divorce or separation prior to the event so that both parties know what to expect in the event that there is a divorce or that other legal matters arise.

Need a Special Marital Contract?

It is important that you consult an attorney prior to creating or entering into any of these special contracts.  We can help to make sure that they are legally binding, that they are fair and that they do not take advantage of a party in a more vulnerable position.  These agreements can be long and detailed.  They are often hard to understand and a person who has not received any legal training may not understand the language that they use, or their intended purpose and consequences.  We can help you draft, modify or contest a prior agreement, and fight for your rights and help you get what you deserve in the event of a divorce or separation or gestational agreement.

Our attorneys are ready to put together a special marital contract on your behalf.  The family law attorneys at Utah Divorce Hotline are ready to draft a premarital, postnuptial, or other marital agreement on your behalf.  Call us at 801.618.1331 or email us anytime to set up a free consultation. We serve all of Utah including Provo, Ogden, Salt Lake.