October 8, 2010

Civil Stalking Injunctions | Utah Lawyer

Civil Stalking Injunctions in Utah

Technology has made the standard of living in the United States better and allows us to de many things, however with the good comes the bad. With computer technology our personal information is often readily available to those who wish to know where we are and how to find us. With these advancements stalking both in the streets and in cyberspace has become a problem. In Utah any person who believes they are being stalked can file for a petition for a stalking injunction with the Utah district court. You can get a stalking injunction against anyone you believe to be stalking you whether they be a neighbor, friend, landlord, tenant or anyone you have lived with.

What Qualifies as Stalking?

A person must on more then one occasion, directly or indirectly through a third person, followed, monitored, photographed, threatened or confronted you or your loved ones. These actions must have made you fear for the life or safety of yourself or your loved ones. If this has happened to you then the person in question qualifies as a stalker in the state of Utah and you may seek a Civil Injunction.

Recent Law Changes

In 2008 the Utah Legislature changed the law surrounding civil stalking injunctions to include recourse for victims of cyber stalking. This is a new area of law, but the language might make it easier to get a civil stalking injunction as well.

Get the Help of a Utah Lawyer

The law surrounding civil staling injunctions has recently changed and you should not seek to petition for one without consulting an attorney. The experienced attorneys at Utah Divorce Hotline have helped many victims of stalkers in Utah get these injunctions and they can help you. If you or one of your loved ones is a victim of stalking or cyberstalking call us today. We can protect you through a civil stalking injunction and guide through the process of obtaining one. We will protect your right to live without fear of a stalker and help you persuade the court to do the same.