October 8, 2010

Utah Child Protective Orders

Child Protective Orders in Utah

Domestic violence is a terrible crime that often brings with it difficult consequences for its victims. Consequences of domestic violence are even more severe when the victim is a child. Children who suffer from physical or sexual abuse often do not understand that anything is wrong and do not speak out against their abuser. Usually the abuse is performed by someone they know and have a strong relationship with whether it be family or close friend. The emotional trauma faced by these victims often stays with them and can manifest itself in harsh ways throughout the victim’s life.

Children need special help in the wake of abuse because they must have someone speak for them in court and to identify the type of abuse. If children have been subject to abuse at the same time as an adult in the family you should get a protective order specifically for the child as well as yourself because a protective order for the adult will only temporarily protect children and often does not have the binding effect of a child protective order for any future abuse that comes about.

Report Signs of Child Abuse and Protect Your Children

Children need to be protected from those who prey on their innocence whether it is through violence or sexual abuse, it must be limited and stopped by those around the victims. If your family and children are in need of a child protective order, call Utah Divorce Hotline today to better understand how you can obtain protection for your child.

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