October 8, 2010

Adult Protective Orders | Utah Law Firm

Adult Protective Orders in Utah

In Utah 14.2% of women reported that they had been abused in some form by an intimate partner. Often the victim of abuse does not know where to turn or how to get help. When the victim feels this way they recede away from other who might provide help and continue to return to the abuser hoping things will change on their own. When a person thinks of abuse often we focus on those that are victims of physical abuse because with its outward markers this is usually the one that is easiest to identify. However, domestic abuse can consist of sexual abuse, threats of abuse or emotional abuse. Victims of all forms of abuse have a right to seek aid form the courts to preemptively stop the abuser from future actions once a past incident has occurred. 

Utah law provides for victims of domestic abuse through the Cohabitant Abuse Act. The act states that any victim of past or potential future violence or abuse by a current or past “co-habitant” may request a protective order from a Utah district court. These protective orders are valid within Utah and all other U.S. states.

Types of Adult Protective Orders

Victims of domestic abuse and violence can seek protective orders form the Utah courts, but the actual order will vary in both the limits and consequences applied to each individual situation. Some forms of protective orders given limit the abusive person’s location, proximity to the victim, contact with the victim, limited access to children or property and limited access to weapons, or stiff penalties if found carrying a weapon. The court assesses the situation on an individual case basis of the order can include any combination of the above limits as well as others as the court sees fit.

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The process for obtaining a protective order can be complicated, but should not be lengthy. Get protected as soon as possible so the abuse does not continue. The Utah Divorce Hotline has trained attorneys who can help you or someone you care for obtain a protective order so the abuse can stop. Nobody should to live in fear of abuse call us today so that we can help you put an end tot he abuse in your life.