October 8, 2010

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Utah Protective Order Attorney

In some cases divorce is prompted by forms of abuse, or the abuse begins once divorce is contemplated as a punishment. Any form of abuse is against the law and Utah law specifically will help victims of any domestic violence to get a protective order from the court system. Any abused individual has a right by law to get a protective order. Protective Orders issued by the court can provide you and your loved ones with protection from an abusive spouse. Protective orders can include many types of protection from the abused to limit contact, limit a weapons permit or give the abused sole possession of property. Protective orders will help law enforcement officers to punish an abusive spouse without lengthy investigations because the court has already ordered serious consequences attached to the order if an abusive spouse violates the orders limits.

If You Suffered Abuse, We can Help

Often victims of domestic violence become victims two fold. First they are abused by their spouse who they love and can not receive help. Second victims are reluctant to ask for help form others feeling ashamed or scared to identify their spouses as abusive. Utah Divorce Hotline has qualified Utah Family Law Attorneys that can help you get the aid andyou deserve and protect your rights. Domestic violence is a serious crime and is often a precursor to more serious abusive behavior in the future by the offending spouse. Get protected today so you need not continue to suffer as a victim of domestic abuse. We represent individuals in pursuing or defending Utah Adult Protective Orders and Utah Child Protective Orders.

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If you or someone you care for is a victim of domestic abuse, call the Utah Divorce Hotline today to receive help and advice on how to get the system to work to protect you like it should. Protective orders must be obtained in a specific process and our experienced attorneys have helped many victims just like you. We will do everything to stop the abuse and help you enforce your right to no longer be a victim. If you have been served with a protective order, you are also entitled to representation. We represent individuals involved in protective order proceedings on either side of the issue. Call us now for more information and to get started on your case: 801.618.1331.