October 8, 2010

Welfare Benefits and Divorce

Divorce Can Separate You From Your Welfare Benefits

The decision to get a divorce changes many things in a family. Often spouses become focused upon their divorce proceedings and the negotiations of ending their marriage to see what can happen to their family after the separation is final. The United States Welfare System was put into place to help families cope with hard times like those that sometimes can push couples into divorce because their lives are not what they had planned on when they first got married. Some families are receiving welfare benefits based on disability, unemployment or the general welfare program when couples decide to separate. These families often so not understand that with the separation and a change in legal status their benefits could come in jeopardy and could be suspended or held temporarily while their family is reevaluated following the change.

Act Proactively to Continue or Begin to Receive Welfare Benefits

The Welfare Program has very strict parameters set up on who can receive benefits and what a person or family must do to receive them. If you currently receive welfare benefits you must notify your local office of the change to ensure there is no break in the benefits you receive. Being denied welfare benefits following your divorce because your change in status can make a difficult time even harder.

If you and your family do not currently receive welfare benefits but believe you might need to due to the difficulties in your divorce, our experienced professionals at Utah Divorce Hotline can help you understand what you can do to receive those benefits to help you during your transition.

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Divorce is a difficult thing to get through, and it is hard to account for all the changes that will come. If you or your spouse had begun the divorce process call the Utah Divorce Hotline today. The experienced Utah family law attorneys can help you map out your plan to best help your family get through these difficult changes. We can help you ensure that your welfare benefits are not changed due to your divorce.