October 8, 2010

Paternity Suits | Utah Family Lawyer – Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden

Paternity Suits in Utah

A child’s birth and rearing can be a joyous and fulfilling experience, but when there is uncertainty about who is the child’s father, it can lead to fears about the care and support of the child. A paternity suit can bring financial certainty to you and your children. A Utah Family Lawyer at Utah Divorce Hotline can help.

Although Utah Law encourages parties to resolve disputes about what rights and responsibilities each parent has towards the child, the complexity of these issues often require legal assistance.   

Paternity suits are legal actions brought to determine a child’s father.  This determination is important for issues of child support, medical expense for the birth of the child, custody, and visitation rights, among other issues.

Protecting the Interest of Your Children is Our Top Priority

Paternity suits are often filed by the State’s Office of the Attorney General and names the mother and the man assumed to be the father as defendants in the suit. If the mother is married, the court will assume that her husband is the father, but it is a non-binding presumption.  If the mother is not married, someone can declare to be the father or the court can order DNA testing to determine the identity of the father.

Paternity Tests

The trial will be before a judge who will decide the issues presented by the parties. The main goal of the court is to establish child support issues along with the medical costs of the birth, but it can also resolve custody issues, visitation rights and other issues concerning the child, so it is important to get competent legal counsel to resolve these issues in a timely manner.  If custody issues are not resolved, a noncustodial parent can take custody of the child at any time.  At UDH a Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you get the support you need to raise your children and to ensure you certainty with child custody and visitation rights. We can help you through the process of obtaining a paternity test.

Unable to collect Child Support? Want to get Custody of your Children? We Can Help.

If your child father or mother is not paying child support or failed to pay medical expenses of the birth or if you want legal custody of your children, don’t delay. There are time limits imposed on your ability to collecting certain kinds of child support.  In the event you do not respond within the time limits prescribed by the applicable rules, you may not be able to collect past education and necessary support for your child.

Also, if you are the assumed father and you do not take affirmative steps to show that you are not the father, the court may make you the legal father by default and subject to pay child support.  Call our team of Divorce and Family Law Attorneys today and we will schedule a free consultation with one of our Utah Paternity Test Lawyers. Call anytime 24/7 at 801.618.1331.