October 8, 2010

Utah Parent Time Schedule

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If you are currently going through a separation and will be making decisions regarding the custody and visitation rights of your children, Utah Divorce Hotline can provide you the help you need.  Sometimes separating couples are able to come to a quick and cooperative agreement on a custody and visitation arrangement for their children to the satisfaction of both parties.  Often times, however, the new circumstances are so unfamiliar to individual parents that they don’t know where to begin or even what questions to ask when developing such arrangements.  Unfortunately, there are still other circumstances where high emotions get in the way of a cooperative agreement and a parent wants to ensure his or her rights are protected.

At Utah Divorce Hotline experienced Utah attorneys and Utah mediators are ready and eager to offer competent and considerate assistance to those in these unfortunate circumstances.

Minimum Parent-Time Schedules Protected by Utah Law

There are times when separating parents are unable to come to an agreement regarding a visitation or parent-time schedule.  For such circumstances the state of Utah has passed laws entitling the noncustodial parent and the child to a minimum schedule of parent-time.  The law can be difficult to understand and the actual specifics of any unique protected schedule will hinge on several variables including the child’s age, the parents’ work schedules, and the best interests of the child.  A minimum parent-time schedule may include both regular visits and occasional extended visits.  Determinations regarding telephone or other virtual contact might also be enforced by a court under a minimum parent-time schedule.

At Utah Divorce Hotline you will find attorneys with vast experience in implementing and understanding Utah divorce laws regarding parent-time and similar family law issues.

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