October 8, 2010

Extended Parent Time in Utah

Legal Help with Your Extended Parent Time Arrangements

When parents separate there are several difficult decisions that need to be made including those concerning the custody of a child and visitation rights of the noncustodial parent.  Often people faced with such decisions don’t even know where to begin and don’t know how to best care for the interests of the children or how to preserve strong relationships.  The noncustodial parent is often particularly concerned about creating the best parent-time (visitation) arrangement.  That parent likely wants to ensure opportunities to be together and continue to deepen his or her relationship with the child, but wishes to do so without causing undue hardship to the child. Extended parent time in Utah allows the noncustodial parent longer quality time with children.

Sometimes seeking such an arrangement will involve cooperating with the other parent to create a custom schedule that both parties are satisfied with.  Other times disagreements between the parties might require that the noncustodial parent invoke his or her rights, protected by Utah divorce laws, to minimum quantities of time with the child.

Speaking to an experienced attorney or mediator can help you sort out any legal problems, can help properly document and file your parent-time agreement, and/or can simply provide you desired advice concerning an issue of great importance.

Special Attention Should be Paid to Extended Parent Time

Extended parent time provides a unique opportunity for a noncustodial parent to share uninterrupted time with his or her child.  During extended visits the child and parent get to see each other in new lights and have opportunities to deepen bonds.  Such visits can include not only summer vacations, but holiday vacations or other school break opportunities which are commonly overlooked when parent-time plans are made.

The attorneys and mediators at Utah Divorce Hotline can assist you in contemplating and creating a parenting plan that will work for you.  In cases of conflict, we can help ensure you receive the time you are entitled to.

Utah Divorce Hotline is Available to Assist

If you are going through a separation and would like to discuss your parent-time planning with a qualified and experienced professional who will be sensitive to your situation, call Utah Divorce Hotline at 801.618.1331 for a free consultation.