October 8, 2010

Custom Parent Time | Utah Divorce Attorneys

Assistance in Creating Your Custom Parent Time Schedule

One of the primary concerns of separating parents’ is establishing a custody and visitation/parent-time plan that is healthy and best suited to meeting the needs of their child.  If the parents are unable to cooperate, a judge will determine a parent-time schedule in accordance with Utah Law.  However, it is much better if the parents are able to work together to create a custom parent-time plan to schedule visitation with the noncustodial parent.  Parents who cooperate to make a custom plan are able to be creative in scheduling to allow adjustments for their unique individual and child’s needs.  Once a schedule has been agreed upon and accepted by the court, it becomes legally binding.

Most people creating such plans are doing so for their first time.  Thus it is common and understandable that parents are confused about the process or are nervous about creating the best plan that will suit all of their needs.  Utah Divorce Attorneys and Utah Divorce Mediators at Utah Divorce Hotline can help you prepare your custom plan, answer your questions, or assist with your parent-time related legal needs.

Benefits of Custom Parent Time

Visitation arrangements can take on a variety of schedules and features.  Length of visits, adjustments for holidays or vacations, summer schedules, provisions during visits, etc. can each be addressed in a quality parent-time plan.

Custom parent-time plans allow parents to allow for shorter, longer or alternating regular visits, to be creative with weekend or overnight visits, to adjust for parent’s employment, to arrange for transportation, and to make other provisions to help the schedule and visitations run more smoothly.  Once approved by the Court, your custom plan will hold the same legal strength as any plan created by a Judge.

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Parent-time planning is a process during which you want to be thorough, thoughtful, and complete to ensure pleasing results.  This plan will have a tremendous impact on the lives of you and your child.  A quality plan can create easy cooperation in a relationship where cooperation may have become difficult.  For answers to your questions or help in creating your custom parent-time plan, call Utah Divorce Hotline at 801.618.1331 for a free consultation.