October 8, 2010

Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer | Parent Time (Visitation)

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Going through a divorce or break-up can be a very sad and upsetting process on a family and usually comes with several difficult decisions. Making decisions about the future needs and care of children can be especially tough.  Such decisions often involve making specific legal decisions with some complicated legal language that can have long term consequences. Furthermore, it is often the case that the highly emotional parties fail to consider all the details, consequences, and legal options in a child custody and parent time (visitation) agreement if they don’t seek counsel. Speak with a Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer today to discuss your options.

At Utah Divorce Hotline we pride ourselves on providing caring assistance from skilled attorneys with particular experience in family law. We are committed to addressing our clients’ concerns, answering their questions and asking the right additional questions, while focusing on each client’s specific goals.

Parent Time Decisions are an Important Step

Perhaps the most difficult decisions a couple must make in any separation concern the adjustments necessary to continue raising children together. Determining custody and visitation schedules is one of those decisions that can be difficult. At Utah Divorce Hotline you will find knowledgeable attorneys and mediators who are experienced at tailoring custody and visitation arrangements to the unique needs of each family. We encourage healthy cooperation between the separating parties and strive to find solutions that enable the family to continue to work well together to care for the individual children and the new family dynamic.

Our Utah Divorce Hotline attorneys or Utah mediators can specifically assist with your parent-time/visitation arrangement needs by:

  • Drafting and finalizing a custom parent-time schedule
  • Arranging extended time and/or vacation schedule arrangements
  • Enforcing a minimum schedule for parent-time
  • Resolving any disputes or conflicts regarding the parent-time schedule
  • Discussing potential adjustments to existing arrangements
  • Answering any other questions involving visitation

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If you are going through a separation involving children, seek guidance from our legal experts who can assist you in creating a parent time/visitation arrangement that fits your family’s needs. Our attorney’s will also ensure the protection of your parental rights.  If you have questions, are seeking advice, or perhaps don’t even know where to start, our caring attorneys can help.

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