October 8, 2010

Salt Lake City Utah Name Change Lawyer

Why a Name Change?

Have you recently been married, divorced, or had your marriage annulled?  Do you have a child that you have adopted and would like to change their name or their surname to match your own?  Is the name that your parents gave you causing you embarrassment or ridicule by others?

Name changes can be made and are appropriate in any of these circumstances.   In the state of Utah  it is a common law right for all people to adopt another name at will.  The laws merely set out the process of how to go about making a change.  Even if you have been divorced for some time but would now like to go back to a maiden name or other name, you can still make the change.  If you have been divorced and remarry you can change your name for a second time to the surname of your second spouse.  You can also have the surnames of your children changed from the first marriage to match your current spouse’s surname.  Surname’s can be taken from the paternal (father), maternal (mother), a combination taken from both the father and mother’s last names, or even one that is completely unrelated to either of the person’s parents.

Name Change Process

To get a name change the court requires that you file a petition requesting the name change that includes:  The reason for the name change, the new name that is proposed, and verifying that you have been a resident of the county where the petition was filed for at least a year prior.  The court will generally grant a name change as long as there is no evidence of the change being done for wrongful or fraudulent purposes.  Other reasons that the court may deny a name change could be in the event that the name is overly bizarre, too long, or ridiculous or offensive to others.

A court must show some substantial reason before it is justified in denying a petition for a name change.  A name change does not affect any prior legal action or proceeding that is pending against an individual, nor does it affect any right, title or interest the person holds.

How we can help

At Utah Divorce Hotline, our family law attorneys are trained in working with the court to make this process a smooth one for you and your family.  This process is fairly straight forward and we can help you to make sure the court grants your name change. We can generally tell you right away if there will be any problems in making the proposed name change based on your individual circumstances.

If you are ready to make a name change, feel free to call us at 801.618.1331 or email us right away.  We serve all of Utah including Salt Lake and Provo.