October 8, 2010

Utah Mediation | Divorce Mediators

Mediation in Utah

Mediation is an effective and often preferred method of alternative dispute resolution. For many individuals facing a divorce in Utah or other serious legal issue, mediation can be an effective alternative to a long drawn out court battle. Over the past several years, mediation has picked up steam as more individuals and attorneys are turning to this method of dispute settlement. Divorce and family law matters are legal problems that tend to lend themselves well to the mediation process. At Utah Divorce Hotline, you can take your divorce through the mediation process with our skilled team of mediators.

Divorce Mediation

In Utah, parties to a contested divorce a required to attend at least 1 mediation session and are required to participate in good faith before a judge will allow a case to proceed to trial. This means that if you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, you are likely going to have to attend mediation at least once before you can get a final resolution in court. To find out more information about this imposed mediation rule, call us today at 801.618.1331.

Lawyer Mediators

At Utah Divorce Hotline, our Utah Divorce Lawyers provide mediation services to individuals struggling through a divorce or other family law matter. All of our mediators are lawyers. We know the law, we know how courts typically decide certain issues in given situations, and we can provide parties to a mediation a realistic and law based assessment of the issues. Don’t go into mediation with a non lawyer mediator who has never practiced in the family law arena. These cases take a special understanding of the law and issues involved. For the best chance of success and resolution of your case, contact one of our Utah Divorce Lawyer Mediators and schedule your mediation today.

Benefits of Mediation

The benefits of mediation can be significant. One of the biggest considerations in a couples choice to attend mediation is the desire to save money. The cost of mediation compared to the cost of litigation is significant. In almost all cases, you are going to save a substantial amount of money by resolving your divorce in mediation as opposed to a court battle. You will also save time and perhaps even good will between the parties. For many couples seeking a divorce, you will have to have ongoing contact and communication with each other. If you have children, you both are going to have to be able to work together as the children are raised. Mediation can leave the parties with a resolution and game plan for future parenting. Litigation often leads to “mud slinging” while mediation often leads to a better understanding and peace.

Schedule a Mediation Session

If you and your spouse are both willing to attempt mediation, you should call us immediately. We will provide our knowledge and skills to help you reach a fair and reasonable settlement. Call and speak with one of our Utah Mediators today: 801.618.1331.