October 8, 2010

Utah Divorce Laws

Understanding the Divorce Laws in Utah

In Utah, there are three ways to terminate or alter a marriage relationship; Divorce, Annulment, or Separate Maintenance.  Divorce is the most common of these three and involves the complete termination of the marriage relationship. If you are considering divorce it is important that you gain a basic understanding of the Utah divorce laws.

90-day Waiting Period

Divorce differs from annulment or separate maintenance in that it may require a 90-day waiting period before the divorce is finalize. This means that if you do not have children, the judge may require you wait 90 days before a divorce decree is entered on your behalf. If you have children, the 90 day waiting period does not apply, however, you will be required to attend divorce education classes.

Grounds for Divorce

Utah law recognizes many grounds for divorce, but most divorces are filed on the grounds of irreconcilable differences since it is easier to meet the standard needed to obtain the divorce and it does not require one spouse to be blamed or admit fault for the divorce.  When filing under irreconcilable differences, you must show that you and your spouse have differences and that these differences cannot be reconciled, which make it impossible to continue the marriage. You must also show that you have attempted to resolve the difference and those attempts have failed.   

If it is an uncontested divorce, then it is likely that you will not have to go to court and that it can be resolved within a matter of day with the help of an attorney.  If it is a contested divorce, which means you have at least one issue that you and your spouse cannot resolve, then you will need to go to court and have a judge resolve the differences between you and your spouse, .

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