October 8, 2010

Salt Lake City Utah Divorce Attorney | Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce in Utah

Divorce does not have to cost a huge amount of money or be a battle.  If the parties are willing to work together, they can finalize the divorce and reduce the overall cost and time.  An uncontested divorce is available to parties who agree to all of the terms of the divorce. At Utah Divorce Hotline, our team of highly skilled Utah Divorce Attorneys provide unmatched uncontested divorce services at an affordable price.

The uncontested divorce can be handled in essentially one of three ways. First, one of the parties can do nothing and let a default judgment be entered against them. Second, the parties can fill out certain legal papers to indicate that they agree to the terms of the agreement so long as they are the terms in the petition sent by the party that filed for divorce. Third, both parties can sign a stipulation and settlement agreement defining the exact terms of the divorce.

Considering an Uncontested Divorce?

The first option of default judgment should generally be avoided since the party that file the divorce can have the petition amended or the judge may change the agreement and make it more favorable to the party that field for divorce, especially if one party fails to show up in court and default judgments are difficult to overturn without legal aid. 

The second option of filing papers that you agreed to the terms of the petition would eliminate the possibility of the party filing for the divorce from changing the petition and some of the claims, but would not let you change any of the terms of the petition. 

The third option gives both parties an opportunity to make adjustments to the petition and come up with an agreement that satisfies both parties. We generally recommend this option and are can help you reach a stipulation settling your case and avoiding a contested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce? We Can Help.

If you and your spouse agree to all the of the terms of your divorce, we can help. Don’t take any chances by proceeding with out an attorney. Before you do anything, speak with a Utah Divorce Lawyer at Utah Divorce Hotline today. We can file the necessary paperwork to get your divorce decree and ensure you are fully aware of the legal issues surrounding your specific case. Don’t take any chance of making mistakes by filing your divorce online. Something this important deserves your full due diligence. Call us now at 801.618.1331. Or fill out our contact form today.