October 8, 2010

Utah Office of Recovery Services

Utah Government Office Handling Child Support Issues

If you are a separated parent in the state of Utah it is very likely you will become familiar with the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) or with some of the office’s programs.  This office is a federally funded state agency established in the 1970’s within Utah’s Department of Human Resources with principle responsibility to protect the financial interests of children.  The agency primarily serves this function through regulating and facilitating child support obligations.  In addition to facilitating the state’s child support program, the agency also seeks medical support for children, establishes paternity, locates parents, handles state reimbursement for support, and enforces support obligations when necessary.

Assistance with Your ORS Interactions

Most separated parents will interact with the Office of Recovery Services to simply research or set up a payment plan, and/or to make regular support payments through the office.  However, if any conflict ever arises concerning support payments, the ORS will likely become involved.

The Office of Recovery Services represents the state of Utah in many child support related matters, and has broad authority to investigate cases of supposed failed payments.  If you are being contacted by the ORS or by some collection agency regarding support payments that you believe to be in error, Utah Divorce Hotline can help.  Similarly, if you are being contacted regarding paternity testing, or medical support, or any other requests that you dispute, contact Utah Divorce Hotline to speak to an attorney who can ensure your rights are being protected.

Utah Divorce Hotline Free Consultation

Whether you need help handling a dispute with the ORS or simply need help working with the agency to establish or otherwise adjust your Utah support payment accounts, experienced Utah Child Support Attorneys at Utah Divorce Hotline are there to help.

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