October 8, 2010

Enforcing Child Support | Utah Enforcement Attorney

Child Support Enforcement in Utah

Child support disputes have become one of the leading causes of family law conflict in Utah and nationwide.  Defending the financial support of children and enforcing the legal responsibility of that support, to be shared by both parents, is something taken very seriously by Utah lawmakers and the courts.  The Utah Office of Recovery Services has been given special authorities through federal and state law to investigate and enforce child support payments.  Outside collection agencies and private attorney help is also permitted by parents seeking to enforce child support.  These efforts provide an essential service to deserving children, and most often these processes, including the dispute resolutions, effectively manage the thousands of support relationships without confusion or error.  However, when occasional further confusion or dispute remains, legal advice from a qualified Utah Enforcement Attorney is recommended.

Legal Assistance in Enforcing Child Support

At Utah Divorce Hotline attorneys with significant family law experience are available to assist you with your child support enforcement needs.  If you need help getting started with your child support payments, or making adjustments to your plan, we can help.  We can guide you through the proper paperwork, court filings, any necessary court appearances, etc.  Furthermore, if you are not being paid the child support owed to you and your child, Utah Divorce Hotline can help you seek the proper remedy from the court.  Courts are capable of reaching the wages or other property of nonpaying or delinquent parents, or may hold that parent in contempt of court.

Conversely, if you are being approached for child support payments which you feel are invalid, or if your financial situation no longer allows you to make such payments, Utah Divorce Hotline can help you seek a resolution.

First Consultation is Free

If you are a parent who has any questions or needs any help involving your child support, call a proficient and personable Utah Divorce Lawyer at Utah Divorce Hotline for a free initial consultation.  Call Utah Divorce Hotline at 801.618.1331.