October 8, 2010

Utah Child Support Calculator

Experienced Professionals who Can Help with Calculations

Child support payments will generally be paid from a noncustodial spouse to a custodial spouse depending on several factors specific to the individual parents.  Child support calculations can be made, taking these factors into account, to estimate what you or the other parent will be obligated to pay.  Although the individual calculations are only to be used as guidelines, and official support amounts may only be determined through judicial or administrative findings, such estimates provide a fairly accurate estimate which can be valuable for planning purposes.

At Utah Divorce Hotline you can receive the assistance of a quality attorney with significant experience with family law.  Our firm focuses on family law work so that we can provide that service proficiently.  Our attorneys can help you run the calculations to estimate your expected support statements and help introduce you to other online tools available to you.

Utah Tools Available Online

The Utah state government has made some tools and key information regarding support payments available on the internet.  The Utah Department of Human Services section specifically provides tools to assist in researching, calculating, and even transacting support payments for separated parents.  The calculator worksheet provided by the state is available online, call and speak with a Utah Child Support Attorney at our office for more information.  As the worksheet indicates, factors that are taken into account when establishing support payments include:

  • Income of mother
  • Income of father
  • Custody arrangement
  • Pre-existing support obligations
  • Children present in the home
  • Low income status

Although these web sources are helpful, you don’t want to make any significant legal decisions on behalf of your family without seeking counsel from a qualified family law attorney.  A Utah Divorce Lawyer at Utah Divorce Hotline can help ensure your rights are protected

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