October 8, 2010

Salt Lake City Split Custody Attorney

Split Custody in Utah

Split Custody in Utah occurs when a child has a different primary residence than one or more of his siblings. This type of custody is rare based on a legal preference to keep the children together. Also, if the court finds that it is in the best interest of a child to be under the sole custody of one parent, the court will likely find that it is in the best interest of all of the children to be in the custody of that one parent. To determine if a split custody arrangement will work for you, call and speak with a Salt Lake City Split Custody Attorney at our law firm today.

One scenario in split custody may be in the best interest of the child is when both parents are unable to provide sufficient care for all of the children and both parents are seen as equally capable of providing care and support for the children. Also, if one or more children prefer to live with one spouse and one or more prefers to live with the other, the court will be more inclined to award split custody.

When the court grants split custody, the court will likely grant visitation rights to both parents for the children under the care of the other spouse. 

Trying to Determine Custody? We Can Help.

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