October 8, 2010

Utah Parenting Plan | Child Custody Attorney

Parenting Plan In Utah

A Utah Parenting Plan is put forth by the parents, either jointly or two plans individually, to decide 1) who will have custody of the child (either Sole Custody or Joint Custody); 2) Whether there will be visitation rights for the non-custodial parent and what those rights will be; 3) Determine how dispute over the provision of the divorce decree will be resolved, either by counseling, mediation or court action; 4) allocate decision-making powers to one or both parents for education, medical care, religion, etc. A child custody attorney in our office can assist you in formulating a parenting plan in your case.

It should be noted that the custodial parent makes day-to-day decisions for the child.  Also, non-custodial parent can make emergency decisions if the health and safety of the child is at risk. 

If one of the parties fails to file a parenting plan, the plan filed by the other parent may move to file the submitted plan by default upon the other party. 

If a dispute over the custody agreement occurs, the court or mediator must give preference to provisions within the parenting plan. 

Filing a Parenting Plan

The Plan should be filed with the divorce petition or the answer to the complaint. A Plan must also be submitted whenever there is a petition for modification of the divorce decree or custody arrangements.

Once the court validates the Parenting Plan, a party violating the plan can be held in contempt by the court. It should be noted that if one parent violates the parenting plan, the plan is still binding on the other party and the party is still obligated to follow the plan.

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