October 8, 2010

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Joint Custody In Utah

Like Sole Custody, Joint Custody can mean either legal or physical custody. Joint Legal Custody means that both parents will be making all of the educational, medical and other important decisions of the child. Joint Physical custody means that the child will reside with both parents. If the parents live in separate residents, there must be a plan for a living arrangement. You can discuss your Utah Joint Custody case anytime with a Utah Joint Custody Lawyer at Utah Divorce Hotline.

Joint Custody is ideal when there is still a good relationship between the parties and they can reach decisions in a rational and civil. Joint custody is also ideal when the parties have similar views when it comes to religion, discipline, schooling, dating and so forth. 

It should be noted that joint custody in Utah might preclude you from getting cash assistance from the State. 

Procedure for Joint Custody

The court will ask the parties to submit a parenting plan and the court will look to see if the plan is in the best interest of the child. The court will look to at 1) the physical and emotional needs of the children, 2) the ability of the parents to work together, respect the other parent and put the interest of the child first, 3) the geographic proximity between the parents, 4) parental participation and maturity of the parents prior to the divorce and 5) child preference if they are old enough.

If the parents are unable to come up with parenting plan that both parties agree to, the court may appoint a guardian at litem to represent the child and adopt a parenting plan for the child.

The most important feature of the parenting plan is a way to resolve disputes between the parents.  Dispute resolution includes counseling, mediation or court order. 

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