October 8, 2010

Guardian ad Litem | Utah Family Law Attorneys

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A Guardian Ad Litem is a attorney appointed by the court to represent the children in a custody dispute. A Guardian Ad Litem will be appointed when it is apparent that the interest and need will not be completely met by the representation of the parents. A Guardian Ad Litem will also be appointed when the parents submit substantially different parenting plans and the Guardian Ad Litem will submit a separate parenting plan to represent the best interest of the children. The Utah Family Law Attorneys at Utah Divorce Hotline can help you navigate the guardian ad litem process in Utah.

If the court appoints a Guardian Ad Litem for either of these reasons, the Court will determine which parents will pay for which expenses based on what the court determines would be fair and appropriate for the parties.  

Child Abuse, Sex Abuse and Neglect Cases and Guardian Ad Litem

If child abuse, child sexual abuse, or neglect is alleged, a Guardian Ad Litem may be appointed by the court or must be appointed at the instance of one of the parents.  If the court appoints a Guardian Ad Litem for child abuse, sex abuse or neglect, all cost will be paid by the state.

 If the Guardian is appointed at the insistence of a parent or parents, the wages of Guardian Ad Litem appointed for this reason will be paid for by the state, but all other cost related to the work of the Guardian Ad Litem may be assigned to a parent or both parents.  A private Guardian Ad Litem can also be appointed under certain conditions. 

Need a Guardian Ad Litem? We Can Help.

Often, children need a third party to represent their interests in a divorce or other family law matter. If you would like the court appoint a guardian ad litem in your case, call us today at 801.618.1331. Our team of Utah Divorce Lawyers can help you through the process of getting a guardian ad litem appointed for your children. We help families throughout the state of Utah.