October 8, 2010

Custody Evaluations | Utah Child Custody

Custody Evaluation in Utah

Custody Evaluations are sought when custody cannot be settled between the two parties and often occur when the custody case is complex or difficult. An Evaluator will be hired by one or both parties to look at the situation and make a suggestion on how custody should be awarded by the judge. The Judge will consider the advice of the evaluator prior to making a custody decision. Custody Evaluations are not required for a custody agreement. Utah Child Custody Matters involving evalutions can be difficult to navigate on your own. Call out office to get the help you need today.

 Things to Consider before hiring an Evaluator 

The judge will likely give the Custody Evaluation a lot of weigh in determine the custody settlement, but it is not determinative of how the judge will rule.

Also, you should be aware of the reputation of the evaluator, whether they are know as a fair evaluator or tend to side with the party that hired them, the mother or the father.  Judged tend to know the reputations of evaluator and may disregard an evaluator’s recommendation if they feel the evaluator is biased. 

If you and the other party have decided to do an evaluation, it is a good idea to read previous evaluations of potential evaluator to see if there is a pattern and to make sure that their evaluations seem fair. If the evaluator is new, they will likely have few evaluations, which will make it difficult to know how the evaluator will operate, but will also make it so the judge will not be as biased to the evaluator’s opinion. 

Considering an Evaluation? We Can Help.

If you are unable to resolve custody issues with your spouse and you are considering an evaluation, don’t delay. We can help you determine whether an evaluation is the right step for you. We have helped numerous individuals through custody evaluations. We help you fight for your rights with your children. Call us now at 801.618.1331 or send us an email.