October 8, 2010

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Annulment in Utah

Sometimes in a marriage, issues arise that were never disclosed prior to the marriage and such issues meet a level of fraud or other special circumstances. When a person marries and later finds this to be the case in their marriage, then getting an annulment may be an option for them. An annulment is a way for the court to declare the marriage void or that it never existed, and so it is no longer legally recognized. It is different from a Utah divorce which ends a legal and recognized marriage. Annulments in Utah are not very common and they are reserved for special circumstances. There are many misconceptions regarding annulments. For instance, many individuals falsely believe if they have been married for only a short period of time, they can have their marriage annulled. In Utah, there is no such default time period for an annulment. Special circumstances which may allow for an annulment are:

  • Misrepresentation- your spouse not telling you that he/she was still married or not telling you that they are not able or not willing to have children.
  • One party refusing to consummate the marriage.
  • One or both parties being underage.
  • Person’s being too closely related.
  • One person’s divorce from former spouse not yet final, so they were still legally married.
  • Marriage was between persons of the same sex.

Is an Annulment Right For You?

Questions surrounding divorce and annulment can be confusing and complicated and the consequences of choosing one over the other can be far reaching. Getting an annulment may also change how financial matters are handled when compared with divorce and it is important that you seek professional legal help. If you think that your personal situation falls under one of these or a similar area and you would like you see if an annulment is right for you, the Utah Annulment Attorneys at Utah Divorce Hotline can help you answer the questions surrounding your individual circumstance and help you make decisions that are best for you and your family.  Being informed about your options and choices will help you to quickly make decisions and move forward with your life.

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