October 8, 2010

Utah Adult Adoption Lawyer

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Adoptions of adults are probably most common when dealing with incapacitated or disabled persons.  It may also be the case that an adult child may wish to be adopted.  Examples might include an adult foster child, an orphan who is over 18 years of age, or an adult wishing to be adopted by a new step parent or grandparent for personal and or other reasons.  Any adult may be adopted by another adult.  The criteria for adopting an adult are the same as for adopting a minor except the consent of the adult’s parents is not necessary.  The adult adoptee or any child adoptee over the age of 12 and mentally competent to consent must consent to their being adopted.

Parental Rights in an Adult Adoption

Once the adoption is final the adoptee is considered to have a legal relationship with the adoptive parent and is regarded in every way as the child, or adult child of the adoptive parent or parents.  The adopted person may also choose to change their name to that of the adoptive parents.

Because the adoptee is an adult the parental rights over them are different than they would be for a child.  An exception may be if the adult adoptee is mentally incompetent or disabled, then the parent would have much more responsibility in the way of decision making on behalf of the adoptee.

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Adoption of an adult can take many shapes.  It may be a simple process or it may be complex.  An adult consenting to be adopted can usually be finalized without too many issues arising, but adults from foreign countries, handicapped or mentally incompetent adults who may be in the custody of the state or have living siblings, can require more work and the obtaining of consent from other third parties.

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