October 8, 2010

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Adoption of a child can be a very rewarding and emotional experience.  Especially when a couple is unable to have children of their own, adoption is a special opportunity for couples and orphaned children to create a relationship that benefits all parties.  Adoption is not limited to couples who cannot have children.  Adoption can include couples who have children from a previous marriage and re-marry, where the new spouse adopts the other spouse’s children.  Grandparents can adopt grandchildren when parents are unfit or in the case of death or disease.  Single persons under certain criteria are also allowed to adopt.

Adoption is not always limited to the adoption of children.  At times the adoption of adults may be necessary or desired.  Any minor child may be adopted by an adult person, and any adult may be adopted by another adult.

Adoption is limited to married individuals.  Cohabitating couples cannot adopt in Utah.

Don’t Carry the Burden of Adoption

Adoptions can be a burdensome endeavor but the family law attorneys at Utah Divorce Hotline are experienced in helping Utahns through the adoption process and in carrying the burden for our clients.  With one of our lawyers at your side through the process you feel confident in the adoption procedure knowing that you have someone to worry about all of the legal technicalities involved.  There is no reason why you should have to become overly-stressed due to the adoption.  The adoption process is supposed to be a happy time in which you and your spouse can look forward to bringing a new child home or in bringing into you family a loved one such as a grandchild or stepchild.  Utah Divorce Hotline is your Utah law firm for adoptions.

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