The Pope Commissions Survey on Divorce in America

Pope Francis this week asked American bishops to conduct polling on divorced members of their congregations. Many people are looking at this as a sign the Catholic Church could be rethinking their view on divorce. As you may know, currently the Catholic Church’s position on divorce is don’t do it under almost any circumstance. But[…]

Preparing for Mediation | Tips from a Utah Divorce Attorney

In Utah, parties to a contested divorce must attend at least one mediation session in good faith if they are unable to settle in their divorce. Mediation can be an effective means of resolving a divorce or other family law dispute. However, the key to every mediation is the preparation prior to actually attending the[…]

Domestic Violence and Divorce – Utah Divorce Attorney

As a Utah Divorce Attorney, we handle many cases each year involving Domestic Violence as part of the divorce, custody dispute, separation, or other legal action. In some instances one spouse has been physically abused by the other and has sustained serious injuries throughout the marriage. Other cases we have handled involve an out of control spouse who[…]

Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer | Utah Custody Attorney

Utah Divorce Hotline is the place to start when searching for the right Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer or Utah Custody Attorney for you. Many people each month call our team of experienced divorce lawyers and mediators to help them resolve their disputes. It is no big secret that divorce and other family law matters[…]

Understanding Utah Laws Regarding Custody and Parental Evaluations

Many divorces involving custody disputes eventually go the way of a custody evaluation. Understanding the laws in Utah that apply to custody evaluations can help you be effective in the process and can help you to ensure you are looking out for your children’s best interests. Below is a brief summary of a some of[…]

Drugs and Divorce in Utah | Salt Lake Family Law Attorney

A spouse with a drug problem, whether marijuana, cocaine, meth, prescription drugs, or anything else, can cause significant problems in a marriage and such addictions are often the cause of divorce or other family law related problems. The issues get even more problematic when children are involved. The courts are typically not friendly to parents[…]