Registering a Foreign Order in Utah

A foreign order simply means a court order issued in another state. For example if you were divorced in Arizona, your divorce decree would be considered a “foreign order” in Utah. In order to enforce a foreign order, you first need to register it with a Utah court so the court can take jurisdiction and[…]

A Parent’s Motion for Joinder

If you are the parent of a child in Utah and your child becomes the subject of a legal dispute, you may find yourself needing to file a motion for joinder. This type of motion is necessary when you are not included in a certain legal action but your rights of custody etc. may be[…]

Online Dating Associated with Lower Divorce Rates and Higher Satisfication

One interesting study reported on by Huffington indicates couples who met online and later married may have a slightly higher rate of marriage satisfaction. This seems to fly in the face of what many people culturally believe to be true about online dating and lasting relationships. You may have seen the online dating commercials which[…]

Child Abandonment Laws in Utah

We receive many phone calls and questions each week regarding the Child Abandonment Laws in Utah. Many parents wish to terminate parental rights of another due to the other parent’s abandonment of the children. In some cases, abandonment may play a substantial role in determining how a custody proceeding or termination case may resolve. This[…]

Fathers Rights in Utah Divorce

What are a Father’s Rights in a Utah Divorce? Many men who are going through a divorce in Utah have concerns about what their rights are with regards to such things as alimony (spousal support), child custody, and child support. Many fathers have serious concerns that they will be taken advantage of in the system[…]

Divorce Research of 2010

Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer Looking back on the divorce issues of 2010 most of us might immediately think of the big celebrity break ups that dominated the headlines. No doubt the biggest divorce story of the year was the Tiger Woods fiasco with Sandra Bullock’s story in a close second. Eva Longoria, Steve Nash,[…]