Seeking Mediation Earlier than Later

Divorce gets messy, we all know that, we’ve heard the horror stories and we probably can all relate to a little bit of the vindictive nature that we often see come out in separating couples. However, after the initial decision to get divorced the smartest thing to do is get to the negotiating table as[…]

Resolution through Mediation

Most divorce proceedings begin with one of the spouses explaining to an attorney why they deserve a divorce and why the other spouse is at fault. With all the heartache and the emotion that comes with the decision to get a divorce it is no wonder that these arguments are very emotionally charged and focus[…]

Paternity Issues in Utah

Establishing Paternity Married Couples Paternity is basically another word for fatherhood and in Utah paternity rules fall into two categories, married couples and unmarried couples. If a woman that is married has a baby in Utah then the husband of that woman is automatically considered the father of the child and paternity is established, regardless[…]

Enforcing an Order Through Mediation | Utah Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation – Salt Lake City, Provo While more people than ever before are turning to mediation as means of initially resolving their divorce in Utah, very few people realize that mediation can also makes sense for those looking to enforce their decree. Divorce is often not the end of all arguments between the parties.[…]

Divorce Mediation in Utah | The Current Trend

Utah Divorce Mediator – Salt Lake City, Provo Over the past couple years, it seems that more and more couples in Utah, and nationally, are turning to mediation as a more amicable and affordable means to terminate their marriage. Indeed, there is a current trend in this state, at least as we have seen with[…]

Early Utah Divorce Mediation Benefits All Parties Involved

At Utah Divorce Hotline we understand that every client is different and unique.  Each has his own trial and challenges.  Some of our clients are very wealthy while others are struggling to make ends meet.  Regardless of the financial status of our clients we know that nobody, no matter, how much money he may have,[…]