Utah Changes When A Parent Must Take the Divorce Orientation Class

Utah Code § 30-3-11.4 has governed when a parent must take the divorce orientation course for some time. Specifically, it requires the petitioner in a divorce action to take the divorce orientation course without 60 days of filing the divorce petition, and it requires the respondent to take the class within 30 days of filing[…]

Rising Economy Results in Rising Divorce Rate

There is an interesting trend happening nationally with regards to the divorce rate. As the economy has slowly been inching its way back from the recent recession, so too has the divorce rate continued to increase along with it. Many people incorrectly assume divorce goes up when a recession hits. Wile it is true financial[…]

Tips for Speaking with Kids About Divorce

Last week, KSL ran a story titled “Talking to children about divorce.” The story included several tips we consider to be great for all parents going through a divorce or other family law related matter involving children. Many parents ask us questions related to when and how they should speak with their children about a[…]

Seeking Mediation Earlier than Later

Divorce gets messy, we all know that, we’ve heard the horror stories and we probably can all relate to a little bit of the vindictive nature that we often see come out in separating couples. However, after the initial decision to get divorced the smartest thing to do is get to the negotiating table as[…]

Children of Divorce Negatively Impacted by Parents’ Mobile Devices

A study at Arizona State University suggests that divorced parents who relocate more than 1 hour away after their divorce increases the likelihood that their children will suffer various psychological disorders.  The instability trigger insecurity and increases the risks commonly associated with children of divorce including drug usage and sexual promiscuity. Technology has helped to[…]

Utah Third District Court Commissioner Arnett Resigns

The Salt Lake Tribune reported today that Commissioner Thomas Arnett, serving in the Third Judicial District Court, Salt Lake Department, abruptly resigned yesterday.  Commissioner Arnett was scheduled to retire in November from serving on the bench and it is unknown why he resigned instead of waiting until his November retirement date. Commissioner Arnett has been[…]