How the Status Quo Effects a Utah Divorce

So you are thinking about separating. Maybe things are so bad between you and your soon to be ex that you just can’t take it anymore and are moving out. Before you make that choice you should fully understand that if you leave the home, and the children behind, you are establishing a new status[…]

What to Know About Social Media and Your Divorce

It is really as simple as this, in today’s world, you should expect anything you post online could potentially be used against you in a pending divorce or custody proceeding. This seems pretty straight forward yet we still get many clients on both sides of a divorce who fail to appreciate the role their social media[…]

Rising Economy Results in Rising Divorce Rate

There is an interesting trend happening nationally with regards to the divorce rate. As the economy has slowly been inching its way back from the recent recession, so too has the divorce rate continued to increase along with it. Many people incorrectly assume divorce goes up when a recession hits. Wile it is true financial[…]

Judge Denies Protective Order Against Utah Gun Lobbyist

Utah gun lobbyist, Clark Aposhian faced a difficult divorce battle. Like many other individuals in Utah. Mr. Aposhian is wrapped up numerous legal battles with an ex wife all stemming from allegations of abusive behavior. Mr. Aposhian was charged with multiple domestic violence related charges, had a civil stalking injunction filed against him, was wrapped[…]

General Principles Regarding Property Division in a Utah Divorce

In the majority of divorces, the parties need to divide personal property they acquired during the marriage. While personal property items are usually resolved without much argument, the occasional case involves highly contested personal property claims. The cases with contentious property claims usually involve high valued assets. Maybe the parties have several vehicles and toys[…]

The Pope Commissions Survey on Divorce in America

Pope Francis this week asked American bishops to conduct polling on divorced members of their congregations. Many people are looking at this as a sign the Catholic Church could be rethinking their view on divorce. As you may know, currently the Catholic Church’s position on divorce is don’t do it under almost any circumstance. But[…]

Tips for Speaking with Kids About Divorce

Last week, KSL ran a story titled “Talking to children about divorce.” The story included several tips we consider to be great for all parents going through a divorce or other family law related matter involving children. Many parents ask us questions related to when and how they should speak with their children about a[…]

5 Tips in Preparing for Divorce

So you decided to go through with divorce. No doubt you have many questions and chief among them are what steps can you take to prepare yourself and improve your legal standing in starting the divorce process. When a client walks through our door who hasn’t been served with divorce papers yet or is considering[…]

Registering a Foreign Order in Utah

A foreign order simply means a court order issued in another state. For example if you were divorced in Arizona, your divorce decree would be considered a “foreign order” in Utah. In order to enforce a foreign order, you first need to register it with a Utah court so the court can take jurisdiction and[…]