October 13, 2010

Utah Divorce Mediators

Mediation in Utah

At Utah Divorce Hotline, we have mediators trained in advanced mediation techniques. Our mediators act as neutral third parties and facilitate a process by which the parties can reach a voluntary settlement agreement. We mediate almost any family law related dispute including divorce, divorce modifications, enforcement actions, and more. All of our mediators are attorneys and practice divorce and family law, so we have know the law and can offer provide appropriate legal information and accuartely answer questions in the mediation. The benefits to mediation are numerous. To find out more about our mediation services in Utah visit our Mediation Page. To learn more about our mediators qualifications, see below:

Our Team of Utah Mediators

Chris Salcido. Chris is a trained mediatior and attorney. Chris offers mediation services to individuals looking to resolve conflict and avoid litigation. Chris’s experience as an active family law attorney in Utah allows him to draw on his knowledge of the law to aid parties seeking to resolve their disputes through mediation. Chris takes a very hands on approach to mediation and will offer opinions to parties in a mediation when appropriate. As a mediator, Chris has the unique ability to stay truly objective in the process. Chris is a graduate of the University of Utah law school and has attended multiple mediation courses including the basic mediation training course provided by the Utah State Bar. To schedule a mediation with Chris call anytime at 801.618.1331.

Associated Mediators. At Utah Divorce Hotline, we associate with many other mediators who provide divorce and family law mediation services. We only associate with experienced mediators who are also lawyers. To schedule a mediation or to find out more information on our mediation services, call us today.