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Call us today. We provide free consultations. We have helped countless individuals throughout the state of Utah find success in their divorce or other family law matter. Don’t delay in getting the help you need, speak with a Utah Divorce Lawyer today.

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If you are considering mediation as an alternative to court, we can help. Our lawyers provide mediation services for individuals who want to avoid the time and cost associated with the court process. Speak with one of our skilled Utah Mediators today.

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Our experienced divorce attorneys serve all of Utah and primarily the Wasatch Front. Whether you are facing a divorce which is contested at every turn or a divorce in which you and your spouse are able to agree on most points, we can help. We are very successful in resolving divorces quickly and with minimal costs.

Divorce Q&A

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My divorce is hotly contested. Can you help?

We have helped numerous clients through hotly contested divorces. We fight for you and ensure you are not bullied by the other side. It is extremely important that you have an experienced Utah Divorce Lawyer on your side in a contested divorce. Our law firm and its attorneys will give you the peace of mind you are looking for in such a difficult situation.

My spouse and I agree on everything. Why should we hire a divorce lawyer?

Before you do anything, speak with an attorney. Future problems can often be avoided by simply speaking with experienced counsel. Don’t make the mistake of settling in a divorce before consulting a lawyer. Even if you just have an attorney review your paperwork and your divorce decree it will be worth it. Inevitably problems can arise regarding custody, alimony, child support and property division in the future if you do not make sure you have your rights protected. Our experienced attorneys will help set in stone the agreement you and your spouse are able to reach so that you are protected in 6 months and 6 years.

I’m divorced but want to change the terms of my divorce decree, what should I do?

Getting your divorce decree modified because of a change in circumstances is no easy task, but the family law attorneys at Utah Divorce Hotline can help you in this endeavor. We will first evaluate whether your situation qualifies for a modification and if it does we will file a petition to modify your divorce decree. You will have to go back to court, but with our law firm on your side you will feel confident in how you proceed.

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Call us at 801.618.1380 for a free consultation with a Utah Divorce Lawyer. We can typically answer your questions right over the phone and then you can decide if you would like to come in and sit down with us.

Our Team

Skilled Attorneys in Divorce, Family Law, and Mediation
Jerry Salcido
Jerry Salcido
Managing Partner
Jerry is a skilled litigator and founding member of Utah Divorce Hotline. Jerry is dedicated to representing both adults and children in Utah that are in need of protection from abusive family relationships. Jerry received his Juris Doctor degree from BYU where he grduated with honors. Jerry represents many fathers and mothers in complex custody battles. For several years prior to joining Utah Divorce Hotline, Jerry practiced law with the largest law firm in the world, where he developed his impressive litigation and negotiation skills.
Chris Salcido
Chris Salcido
Chris is a founding member of Utah Divorce Hotline. He represents clients in complex divorce and family law matters. He is also a trained mediator and provides divorce and family mediations for individuals throughout the state of Utah. Chris graduated from the University of Utah where he obtained his law degree and was awarded the merit scholarship. Chris is dedicated to helping families navigate the difficult legal process in divorce. Chris offers free consultations. He is a member of the Utah State Bar and American Bar Associations.

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